You’ve worked hard to achieve financial success.

But have you put the same effort into managing your risk profile?

Successful people like yourself usually believe all is well. They have a number of well-intended advisors including Lawyers, CPAs, Investment Advisors, and reams of detailed reports.

Unfortunately, most advisors stay in their professional silo, rather than develop a cross-discipline, coordinated plan that identifies and quantifies costly blind spots, unique to your situation.

Why? Most advisors do not know the right questions to determine how each silo impacts the others. That’s what makes Connecticut Financial different.

Our process begins by asking the right questions, followed by a deep dive into your data. Our primary goal is to provide an objective, detailed second opinion about the current state of your financial health, delivered in a user-friendly manner.

Are your advisors asking the right questions?

If you have a special needs situation, have you created and funded a special needs trust that would be available to the identified dependent during your lifetime or after your death?

Given inflation, tax risks, and an unpredictable financial environment, have you prepared an investment policy philosophy statement to evaluate your assets against your retirement goals?

Does your current financial team have a method-based, cross communication platform to analyze and modify your specific investment and estate plan goals?

Have you created a benchmark return for each asset class based upon your personalized risk-reward profile? For example, when is an 8 percent return on capital better than a 10% return?

Have all of your beneficiaries been updated, included, and coordinated within your current estate plan?

If your business partner predeceases you, does your estate plan incorporate detailed protection clauses that reinforce your operating rights to eliminate an unqualified wife or attorney from entering the business?

Does your current estate plan incorporate asset wealth provisions in the event your beneficiaries become entangled in creditor problems or lawsuits?

Is a consolidated overview of your entire estate plan & other critical documents encrypted, readily available, and easily accessed with a single password?

Does your estate plan include spousal safeguards in the event you predecease your wife, and she remarries and predeceases her new spouse?

Does your estate plan insure against unnecessary asset drainage if your children are not old enough or mature enough to manage their portion of your wealth?

If you are in a second marriage with children from both sides that have divergent career interests, does your estate plan include specific estate equalizer provisions?

Have you taken full advantage of existing wealth pass-along techniques before the current estate tax law sunsets on December 31st, 2025?