Our Process

“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.”

Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister
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Your financial data. Our Expertise.

Our experience also tells us the critical answers you need in a given situation is already in the data you receive or have access to. Over the past 31 years, we have developed an efficient step-by-step process that ensures the development and timely update of each client’s data-based financial plan. At CF, we don’t sell products, we sell a process designed to work for you.

Phase 1: Meet & Analyze Data


    Determine Mutual Fit

    Why? Face-to-Face conversation because in depth planning requires mutual trust and respect to succeed.


    Initial Fact Finding

    Why? Successful people usually have lots of data in lots of places and are looking to simplify their life.


    Finalize Data Gathering

    Why? Subsequent remote and/or in person conversations tend to reveal less obvious facts and realities.

Phase 2: Review Current Dynamics


    Consult with Client Advisors

    Why? Improve effectiveness and efficiency of subsequent recommendations.  High net worth individuals have a network of advisors that have been with them for an extended period of time.


    Deep Dive Team Analysis

    Why? CF specialists stress test existing financial elements against previously agreed goals and objectives to identify areas of improvement, if any.

Phase 3: Recommend & Advise


    Short-Term Recommendations

    Why? Identify low hanging fruit issues that can offer immediate improvements and be addressed quickly and efficiently.


    Long-Term Recommendations

    Why? Detailed analysis usually identifies issues that may need multi-advisor coordination, and/or time-intensive, complex strategic modification and replacement initiatives.


    Establish Personal Digital Lockbox

    Why? Every CF client has an encrypted mobile, personal website, which we call a lockbox, where they can examine all aspects of their financial life in real time, anytime.

Phase 4: Review Long-Term


    Semi-Annual Fine-Tune Reviews

    Why? To ensure we are meeting actual goals vs. stated objectives. If necessary, make adjustments to current plan.