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Senior Corporate Attorney

A Senior Partner at a major New York law firm in late forties. She and her husband have significant excess income and previously handled their financial matters using a do-it-yourself strategy.


Client was using a well-intended, balanced approach to strategic investing by allocating assets across 17 separate, no-load mutual funds. During discovery, we found that 94% of her assets were invested in North America, 75% in large cap stocks, and a meaningful portion of these funds contained overlapping holdings thus lacking the diversification she thought she was getting. Further, the process of monitoring and selecting said holdings was time-consuming because it required this career-pressured investor to remain up to date on all aspects and trends within her portfolio parameters.


Reduced mutual fund holdings to those that had enduring strategic breadth and transferred a portion of her holdings into blue chip equities. We reduced her exposure from 17 funds to 7, reduced her management fees by 16% and improved overall portfolio diversity. Not insignificantly, the clients’ entire portfolio was placed in an encrypted, single-password lockbox that saved time by offering easy access and self-monitoring at will.

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