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C-Suite Executive

Longtime member of Senior Management at $2B annual revenue multinational corporation. His wife, a trained actuary, participates in their financial decision-making process while managing the household and their two kids.


Despite having excellent wills and trusts documents and ample investment assets including a significant amount of employee stock options, the family lacked an integrated financial model that protected them against important eventualities such as early wage earner death, disability or outliving their assets. Additionally, his employer, a family-controlled company, anticipated a change in family control was on the horizon, which could lead to potential uncertainty at the company.


We developed comprehensive individual models that addressed two potential life outcomes: Model A) continued employment status quo vs. Model B) potentially take early retirement due to company management changes. Both models were comprised of diversified products that offered preservation and growth in various market conditions, protected against early death, disability and living too long.

For this client, the change in management came and he opted for an early retirement in 2018 knowing that he would not have to make any sacrifice to his family’s existing lifestyle. Years later, everything continues as planned. Our ongoing monitor and review process ensures preparation for best and worse-case scenarios as life unfolds.

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