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Business Owner

60-year-old business owner located in midtown Manhattan. Stable, below-the-radar, second generation manufacturing and distribution company. Married with three adult children, all of whom are married with children of their own.


Intelligent, common-sense, conservative, family-focused financial mindset. Wanted to retire with a comfortable income from assets while keeping asset shrinkage to a minimum. Other important goals included setting aside significant gifts for the kids and grandkids, financing large family one-of-a-kind vacations, and extensively remodeling their new primary residence in Florida.


A multi-tiered investment portfolio that included managed stock accounts, overfunded life insurance as a bond equivalent, and selected AAA+ annuities with a guaranteed lifetime income. This custom combination of activities generated a significant percentage of tax-free income which, 15 years later, has allowed his net worth to experience zero shrinkage.

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