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The Wall Street Investment Banker

Longtime Connecticut Financial client. Family man in his late forties. Experienced deal maker for a leading Wall Street Investment Banking Firm. Specializes in high profile, high value transactions in excess of $1 billion.


Strong desire to achieve consistent, reasonable long-term growth and portfolio safety during unpredictable short-term market downturns. Additionally, the client’s intensive career pressures created a desire for lifestyle balance and simplicity. For him, this meant prioritizing ease of portfolio access and straightforward asset use that would enable he and his family to more easily evaluate the impact of major life decisions, e.g. purchase of multiple vacation homes, against their overall financial objectives.


Designed and maintained a flexible, user-friendly financial plan consisting of diversified stocks and bond-equivalent overfunded life insurance (OLI). The OLI instrument generates compound tax-deferred growth, an income buffer against market downturns and provides a secure legacy program for the children.

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